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Super rules enable you to request some or all of your Qantas Super account be transferred to a super fund of your choice while you are still employed by the Qantas Group. Some rules and exceptions apply and these are outlined on this page.

Making a portability transfer request

Before requesting a portability transfer you should consider the following:

  • your entitlements within the super fund you are transferring to, and ensure that it is a complying fund that can accept the transfer;
  • any fees and ongoing costs;
  • the effect on your Qantas Super entitlement;
  • your insurance cover within Qantas Super may cease if the amount remaining in your account is not sufficient to meet the cost, if any, of the insurance when payable.
  • your insurance benefit (including any guaranteed minimum dollar amounts) may be reduced by the amount of any partial transfers from your account in Qantas Super.
  • if you request a partial transfer, the remaining balance of your super benefit in Qantas Super must be at least $6,000. If the transfer amount you nominate would leave your account with a super benefit of less than $6,000, we will reduce the amount transferred;
  • your request may not be able to be actioned if we have been notified of any family law proceedings in relation to your super.

If you want to learn more or need help with making a decision about your super, you can get simple advice over the phone or face to face. It’s included as a part of your membership so there’s no extra cost.

Your future contributions

If you make a transfer request, your Qantas Super account may remain open to receive future employer contributions.

Your transfer request does not change the super fund into which your employer makes contributions. If you wish to change the super fund into which your employer contributions are paid and are eligible for choice of fund, you will need to complete a Standard choice form available on The Terminal.

Your super components

You cannot access the preserved component or restricted non-preserved components of your super in cash by simply transferring them to another fund. You must meet a condition of release to access these amounts in cash.

If you request a partial transfer of your super benefit, the components of your super are usually transferred in the following order: any unrestricted non-preserved benefits, followed by any restricted non-preserved benefits, then any preserved. You may request a different order.

Special rules for defined benefit members

If you are in a defined benefit division of Qantas Super, and have not yet reached your superannuation date or retirement date (as applicable)1, you can generally only request to transfer some or all of the ‘accumulation’ component of your super. The table below details the accounts, for each defined benefit division, which are eligible for transfer under portability rules.

'Accumulation' accountsDivision 1Division 2Division 2 (Ex TN2)Division 3Division 15
Rollover Account
Voluntary Contribution/Member Extra/Member Voluntary Accounts
Salary Sacrifice Account
Member Account
Productivity Account
Transfer Account
Company Account (vested portion3 only)

1 Generally, your superannuation date or retirement date is the date at which you are entitled to a Qantas Super retirement benefit. This date depends upon the division and category you’re in.

2You are a Division 2 Ex TN member if you were formerly a (contributory) member of the Australian Airlines Ground Staff Plan (AAGSP) or the Australian Airlines Flight Attendants Superannuation Scheme (AAFASS) and have a defined benefit underpin which applies in respect of membership of those plans.

3The vested portion of your Company Account is the amount of your Company Account you would be entitled to if you were to request a resignation benefit at the time of the request. Your final benefit will be reduced by any amounts transferred from your Company Account, plus interest on that amount calculated at the Credited Interest Rates (applicable for the investment option that applies to your accumulation component).

How to request a transfer

To request a transfer to another super fund please complete the relevant withdrawal form.

We will send you a confirmation letter once your transfer is complete.

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If you want to learn more or need help with making a decision about your super, you can get simple advice over the phone or face to face. It’s included as a part of your membership so there’s no extra cost.